Welcome to the Gopher Bait Company!

Back in the 1950’s, Muskies were on the minds of two Wisconsin men who fished the waters of the Northwoods.  Wanting a lure with greater Muskie appeal, they developed the Gopher.  Designed to mimic the swimming action of a small rodent, the original lure looked like a small gopher with its brown, flock finish.

After the lure proved to be successful, they added several new colors and began selling them as The Gopher Bait Company.  The original Gopher is now considered semi-rare by collectors.

The Gopher series of topwater baits are designed to imitate a small swimming rodent, field mouse, and the duckling.  Dual paddles stir up the water and enhance the natural action of the Gopher and Musky Duckling while the flexible legs and tail of the Nicky Mouse can be worked as a natural presentation.  All of the Gopher series baits are irresistible to any Muskie.

The Gopher Bait is now made again by one of the original makers, August Machtig of Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  The Gopher is crafted one at a time from the original 1950’s mold with the same unique flock finish.  Each Gopher lure has a collector I.D. number and complete sets are available with matching I.D. numbers.

No tackle box is complete with out one or more of this classic baits!